About TMKvamme

Who I Am:
Hi, I'm Thomas Kvamme.
Pronunciation Guide: KWAH-mee
Origin: Norwegian

Where I Am From:
Life for me started in Fargo, North Dakota and later moved just across the river to Moorhead, Minnesota. Fargo/Moorhead will always be a place that I think of as home, no matter where I live. It is where I grew up, where I learned to ride a bike, where I made sweet ice forts during blizzards and where I had my first crush.
I camped for countless summers and then worked for 7 summers at Cooperstown Bible Camp in Cooperstown, North Dakota. CBC is another place I will forever feel at home. My experiences there have shaped me and made me into who I am today.
Now I live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, New Brighton to be specific. We call my house "Kvamme House 3" even  2 out of the 3 people that live there are Pehoskis and one of them owns the house. (The name Kvamme House was dubbed by Steve Macks at an Ultimate Frisbee game. The original Kvamme House was in Roseville with 8 guys living there. Kvamme House 2 had 5 guys in Shoreview.)

What I Do:
I volunteer at Grace Church Roseville as the Technical Arts Intern and Lead Sound Tech. My day job is being a AV Systems Engineer at MSpace. When I am not at work or church I like just hanging out with friends, reading, or going on the occasional adventure. I play lots of Ultimate Frisbee. I always have a disc in my car so I am always ready to play. If you have a game going down let me know. I can always use some more Ultimate in my life. I am a 20-something guy, so of course I play some video games, usually Call of Duty or Halo, but I do have an original Nintendo and bust out Mario every once in a while.