Text In Worship 2

This weekend at Grace Church Roseville we had another time of Text In Worship. It's a chance for anyone to text in their response to the sermon. Mark Allen shared the story of Abraham and how he waited on God in faith. During the final worship set the responses were shown on the center screen.

You can listen to the sermon here and check out the responses below.

In faith, I can wait patiently because God fulfills His promises.

In faith, I can wait patiently because... 
every time He has come through!
You have given me the greatest love I've ever known!
I see the blessing in it.
God promises that he knows what is best for us, even in the most difficult times. That he is always making us into who he means us to be.
You sent JESUS!
You first loved me.
You are awesome!
You are good and holy.
in doing so, I am putting my complete trust in Him!
I know God is faithful.
my God fulfills His promises
God keeps his promises to me!
everything is in God's time.
He waited for me!
I believe You are who You say You are!
His ways are higher than my ways.
GOD has the best plan for me.
I believe.
He who started this work will be faithful to complete it!
His plans are bigger than my own.
God cares for all of us.
God is always doing a work in me.
of Gods perfect love.
God sees the whole picture and is in control.
I don't know his plans!
God promises never to leave me.
He will come through.
God is perfect in his timing.
God is always faithful.
God loves my friend more than I do.
He's never failed me!