Text In Worship

Normally when you think of worship in a church service you think of singing. This weekend at Grace Church Roseville we did something we have done a few times now, Text In Worship. 
After his sermon on Ephesians 3, Pastor Jason encouraged to congregation to text in their response to phrase, "My God is..." During the final worship set the responses were shown on the center screen. It was an amazing time of worship, singing songs together and sharing the ways we have seen God personally in our lives. 

My God is faithful even when I am not.

Here are the responses we got:
(If you don't understand all the ice cream references you can watch or listen to the sermon here and it should all make more sense.)

My God is good.
My God is Agape.
My God is perfect in His timing.
My God is everlasting love.
My God is here.
My God is a fierce warrior.
My God is The One I turn to. 
My God is Everything...which makes Him ENOUGH no matter what.
My God is the control of my life. The Holy Spirit brings this to me through Christ who is God. 
My God is who gives me hope.
My God is the one who won't give up on me. 
My God is patient and always forgiving!
My God is present and powerful in difficulty. 
My God is Limitless.
My God is the ONE who provides in ALL situations and keeps me confident in tomorrow.
My God is my Everything.
My God is my joy & my strength.
My God is power, perfection, worthy of all praise, ever present healer, and consoler.
My God is perfect so others don't have to be.
My God is patient & loving while I learn how to let him in. 
My God is the creator.
My God is the source of perfect peace! 
My God is there even when I am silent. 
My God is loving and merciful!
My God is constant.
My God is the one who accepts and loves me just as I am.
My God is the one to help me get through the grief of my own father's death. 
My God is my friend who never leaves.
My God is Ever Faithful through times of financial stress. 
My God is all I need, want, and desire!
My God is the one who was, and is, and is to come... 
My God is The one true God. 
My God is the healer of all. 
My God is the One who gives me peace.
My God is able to make me an example of a Godly father to my kids. 
My God is gracious. 
My God is victory over my worries.
My God is the one who continued to love me when I decided to pursue my own selfish pursuits for years.
My God is the one that will guide me to a successful and living marriage. 
My God is my home remodeler.
My God is the foundation of my long distance relationship! 
My God is faithful when I am distant and unfaithful. 
My God is my strength!
My God is The One to whom I bend my knee.
My God is loving me no matter what my past is.
My God is personal. 
My God is the One who twice healed my son. 
My God is the strength I cling to when I am weary. 
My God is El Roi, the God who sees me. 
My God is my Almighty Savior. Alleluia! 
My God is the only stable force in my life. My only Rock.
My God is the father who ran to meet me when I decided to come home. 
My God is one who brought me out depression. 
My God is inspiration. 
My God is The one who took my fears away. 
My God is The One who's love's me unconditionally. Even though I make mistakes and sin against Him, He still loves me.
My God is the one who keeps forgiving me.
My God is the reason my heart is full and capable of loving others.
My God is with me where ever I go. 
My God is the One who takes away my fear. 
My God is perfect peace in the midst of the storm. 
My God is the God who made birch bark and ice cream! 
My God is Sunday through Saturday. 
My God is my gracious, loving, and caring Father. 
My God is my banana ice cream! 
My God is my rock and in changeable in this ever changing world.
My God is my future not my past. 
My God is my only hope. 
My God is the one who sees me, knows me, and loves me just as I am. 
My God is unlimited. 
My God is my sustainer 
My God is always waiting with open arms!
My God is the God who continually knows what's best for me. 
My God is the one who helps me through every day. 
My God is a sure foundation!
My God is my father. 
My God is my lord - lord of all! 
My God is relentless, unfailing restoration. 
My God is strong enough to help me leap over walls and bend bows of bronze. (Ps. 18) 
My God is my strength and peace.
My God is my great redeemer.
My God is AMAZING. 
My God is  An AWESOME God!!!! 
My God is overwhelming me with his love. 
My God is hope.
My God is the one who brought me back from hopeless desperation. 
My God is the one who saved my life when I was lost.
My God is Faithful. 
My God is the one who gets me through each day. 
My God is the one who provides everything. 
My God is my righteousness when I fail.
My God is my provider. 
My God is my healer.
My God is all I need. 
My God is the dad I never had. 
My God is my rescuer and my strength. 
My God is great!
My God is my hope for the future. 
My God is  the one who never gives up on me.
My God is my strength. 
My God is endless joy and peace, constantly giving me life to the full.
My God is my inspiration for living. 
My God is the Almighty Creator. 
My God is my steadfast rock. 
My God is faithful, even when I am not. 
My God is my guide and beloved. 
My God is in love with me. 
My God is faithful and always with me.