Custom Labels for Roland M-48

I posted a photo of some custom labels I made for our Roland M-48s some people asked how I made them so here is a quick overview of how I did it.

First here are the details most people have been asking:

The label dimensions are .5" tall and .9" wide.
(I didn't measure the radius of the rounded corner. I just eyeballed it so it looked right)

I printed them on Avery Printable Magnet Sheets.
They cost $7 for a 5 pack of 8.5" x 11" magnet sheets.
These magnet sheets are great, just print and cut.

Here is how I made them:

I designed my labels in Silhouette Studio so I could cut them on my Cameo. I used the Cameo for two reasons. 1) It meant that I could make the labels with a rounded corner to match what each space looks like on the Roland. 2) Way less work for me. No cutting, no lining things up, no redoing it after I accidentally cut right through the middle of a label.
Using the Cameo did mean that I would have to forfeit a little bit of space on the page for registration marks and safe cutting zones. (The Cameo is just a cutter so you have to print something then put it in the Cameo to be cut. It uses the registration marks to make sure everything is lined up correctly.) But I still had more than enough space.
Page layout in Silhouette Studio
I started with the labels for the standard setup that most of the musicians have on their M-48 every week. (seen below) After I had all of our normal labels I tried to think of every label we would probably need in the future. I wanted to get this done and not have to make more labels every week for a new instrument. We currently have two M-48s so once I had my set of labels I duplicated it.
I color coded everything the same way that we do on our Roland M-400 soundboard. Red for vocals, blue for band, green for drums, purple for orchestra, orange for choir, light blue for things in the booth.
Just in case there are labels I didn't think of (I am sure there will be something) I included some blank labels, 4 blank labels of each color and then I filled up the page with white labels.
Labels on M-48
I took all of the extra labels that aren't currently on either of the M-48s and put them on a music stand. We always have plenty of extra music stands (except for Christmas and Easter. I will have to transfer them somewhere then). This keeps them nice and organized and allows me to bring the music stand over to the M-48 I am labeling and swap out labels as needed.
Labels on Music Stand
This weekend was the first time we used the labels and they worked great. Hopefully they continue to work perfectly and we use them for years to come. If that isn't the case I am totally open to these being version 1.0 and having to upgrade to 2.0, whatever that may be.

If you have any questions about the labels or suggestions for version 2.0 let me know in the comments below.